official wrap up of 2012, a post of what happened last year, and new hopes and dreams for the up coming one.

It has been a good year for hopefully all of you guys, and definately me. Nothing bad happened to me this year, however I would like to give you a little timeline of major events that happened.

1. January 1, 2012-a brand new year.
2. January 22, 2012-a bloody pitbool attack on my dogs.
3. March 26, 2012 at 3:01 PM, I was officially a teenager.
4. April 3rd, 2012-a tornado outbreak that spawned 17 tornadoes, and wiped out the speedy oil change in Mesquite, *boo-hoo*.
6. May 31, 2012-out of 6th grade…finally.
7. August 27, 2012-into 7th grade I go.
8. September 1, 2012-my friend’s pool party, which turned out to be really fun.
9. September 2, 2012-the last day I had to stay at home alone in the evenings.
10. September 15, 2012-the first day of staying at home alone in the day time.
11. October 19, 2012-my one and only goalball torniment.
This was also when I was on the news.
12. November 4, 2012-the time I went to Austin and had the funnest time I’d ever had there.
13. December 7, 2012-a start of the weekend of my great grandma’s 80th birthday party.
14. December 21, 2012-the end of my first semester, and the day the world was supposed to end.
15. December 25, 2012-one of my favorite Christmases yet.
16. December 31, 2012-the last day of 2012.

Well, here is what I hope for the up coming year:
1. to learn programming.
2. to become fit and lose weight.
3. to be able to ride on a tandom bike at 25 miles per hour without stopping by next January 1st.

I hope you have a great new year, and I hope you had a great old year.


Author: Steve D

I'm a dude who likes coding, writing, gaming, and weather. If you wish, visit me on the web at

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