It’s my birthday!

Hey you guys,
severestormsteve again.

I can’t believe that it’s already that day again–my birthday. This year has been quite a long one, however I can’t believe it’s already over.
There is one flaw about birthdays–they come and go so fast! Well, at least I can be glad that mine is still here today, you think?
So, my party turned out to be a blast this Saturday. We had one of my friends from Goalball practice come home and get ready for the party with us, and me, my dad, and that friend went to pick another one of my friends from his house on the way over there. My goalball friend is named Devon, and the friend we picked up is named Joseph. Both of them are quite small, in sharp contrast to my five foot four inch 128 pound frame.

Anyway, my mom went in a seperate vehicle, bringing Libby along with her. On top of that, my 2 cousins Thomas and Colbie, my nanna, and my other nanna and papa, and someone else from the goalball team named Criston.
At the party, we started off with bowling. Birthday luck or just great skill, I creamed the people at my party in the first game, however tied with someone (I can’t remember) with 122 points. After having a blast bowling, it was time for gocarts. Joseph was so crazy, they had to stop his car early. My dad made me dizzy with his crazy yet fun driving habbits.
That unfortunately lasted a short time, however was real fun. After those gocarts, it was time to play in the archade. I played the wheel of fortune spinner, and only made 40 tickets when I could of won 1000. It was still worth it though. Finally, it was the time to turn in tickets. With my 214 tickets, I baught a bouncey ball along with one of those caps where you turn it inside out, set it down, and it pops into the air as it goes right side out. It is a huge one too, so will probably pop real high. I haven’t tried it by the way.
After going to that blast of a birthday party, we left about 45 minutes after the actual party ended. So, it ended up being a 3 hour party instead of 2 and a half. Well, after dropping my friends off Libby had Criston come over, and we watched pitch purfect. By the way, I got an Iphone 4 (see bottom of the post for complete list of presents), so I played with that while watching the movie.

Now, moving to yesterday. Did all of you people have a good Steve Eve? I hope so. But, I hope you have an even better Steve Day. By the way, that is today in case you forgot.
On steve eve, I was given my sertificate for the National Junior Honor Society, or NJHS for short. I guess that makes it official that I am now part of that organisation!
Last night, I was awake until about 10:15 playing my games, before falling asleep quicker than I thought I would. I did however wake up at 6:00 this morning to my mom getting ready for work, and spent the next hour playing my game and dosing off.
So far today has been good. I had an awesome breakfast, and got confetti poppers and rocket balloons. My vision teacher also brought me some donuts and sossage rolls for a treet at school this morning at school. I also had a filling lunch, and the whole 7th period class sung happy birthday to me at 3:01, the time I was born.
After school, I hung out with my sister, because there wasn’t much else to do. I also played with my phone, and relaxed. On her way home from work, my mom brought me a java chiller, which I drank greatfully before spending the rest of the night relaxing and not doing much of anything.

Well, what a day, and what a weekend. It seems that the last 4 days have been my birthday. Well, it’s sad to say that the excitement is winding down, however we only have 2 more days of school. So, I hope you’ve enjoyed your day, and have a good tomorrow.

type you later,