Monday’s Musings 2: To Be Like My Cat For Just One Day… Do I Really Want That?

Hey guys,
Steve here.

Often times, I wish nothing more than to be like my cat. Small; impervious to the world around me, living a stress free lifestyle. Though I know that as a cat I wouldn’t have the good parts of the human life, but nor would I have the bad parts.
Although the stress of the past week has fallen off my shoulders (I’ve turned in my history project, finished the Spanish exam, and got that choir concert out of the way), there’s still another long week of school to get through. If only I could be a cat for a day…
The pros to being a cat are as follows:
1. Their only stresses are “when am I going to get more food?” “My gosh… I want out of this room I’m trapped in!”, “Errrrrrrrg! Won’t these people stop petting me already?”, “Dang it, there’s no soft bed for me to lie on.”, and, for some cats anyway *puts emphasis on his cat Bell*, “Ah man, there’s nothing to play with! *swishes tail threw the air in frustration*.”
2. If I were a cat, I wouldn’t have a care in the world. News and world events could happen, and I’d just meow in disgust at the urgent-sounding talkers.
3. I would be small–so, if I ever wanted alone time (not that I don’t get any in our current world, but there’s always going to be someone calling my name at one point or another), I could just go hide in a secret out-of-the-way place.
3. I could run real fast, and for long distances.
4. I could eat, drink, sleep, and do whatever else I wanted to do at any time of the day or night.
5. There would be no responsibilities; no one telling me what to do all the time.
6. I could lay around being lazy all day, and nobody would make any unnecessary remarks. (We are all lazy some times)

As with all luxuries, there are some major catches. They’re as follows:
1. As a cat, I’d be looked down upon by every human being or other living creature in the world, except rodents, small insects, and fish.
2. As a cat, I would miss out on great family moments. I would not participate in any traditions, memories, or celebrations.
3. As a cat, unless a show called “Dog With a Blog” that plays on Disney channel were real, and happened to cats too, I couldn’t do my favorite thing, writing and blogging.
4. As a cat, I would drink and eat the same things every single day.
5. As a cat, I couldn’t reach out for help. Therefore, if I was unlucky and got adopted into an abusive family, there would be no way out for me.
6. I couldn’t communicate. Thus, if I was feeling ill, and it turned out to be serious, I couldn’t just ask my mom or dad to take me to the doctor.
7. When people did get a hold of me, I could never tell them to “let me go” or “stop touching me.” This is especially bad for my cat Bell, who never expresses her frustrations by sound.
8. If I were lost or in danger, I couldn’t just pull out the good ol’ cell and call up Mom or dad and ask them to help me.
9. I could never check the weather forecast before I went outside. So if baseball sized hail or a tornado or even just rain were coming, harsh luck to me. God, I wish there were a cat weather forecast on Because then if I were a cat, it could issue “messed up fur advisories” that would tell me when not to go outside so I would not get caught in the rain or other fur ruining stuff that would be coming down.
10. I would be so vulnerable out on my own. If a big dog comes out of some old rundown yard, I’m done.

Basically, even though I get stressed (and I’m almost positive you do too), I would rather stay human. Because after all, the cons out way the pros, and a life with lots of good things and some stress would be better than a life with a lot more convenience but a lot more stress and danger. Of course, at least for me, there will always be times I forget this, and wish as I said I did at the beginning of the post that I could be a cat, if only for one day.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

6 thoughts on “Monday’s Musings 2: To Be Like My Cat For Just One Day… Do I Really Want That?”

    1. Yeah, me too. I wonder if the national weather survice would start issuing those, that way before my cat went outside me and him could listen to my noaa weather radio and be sure his fur wouldn’t get all out of whack :))).

      1. lololol
        Steven, you just tickle me to death! Merry Christmas to you and your family. AND of course,your kitty cat!