Life updates and the current status of Stranded part 3

Hey guys,
Steve here.

It’s been a pretty good week, I suppose. In case you’re wondering, I still have a voice, and am not balled, which probably means I came up with something to do while sight reading. Now, when the teacher tells us to get out our sight reading books, I pull a book out. My book, however, does not about music, instead it is about zombies, at least for now because I’m reading a very intresting series. Anyway, I pull that book out, clap the head phones over my ears, and read until the class is done sight reading. It all works out in the end–instead of being bored, I’m doing something I actually want to, and can do.
On other news, goalball practice was on Saturday. Also, we had not 1, but 2 family get togethers this weekend, because my great grandma and unkle came down to visit, and my family ddid a white elephant gift exchange, ate lots of good food, and hung out. The get toghether we had on Saturday was at my house, and the one on Sunday was at nanna’s house.
After the weekend of family time, I spent Monday (it was a 3 day weekend) just chilling and getting ready for the upcoming school week. Besides school and a bunch of time on the computer, and going over to my nanna’s house to eat dinner and say goodbye to my great grandma and uncle, yesterday and today were pretty much uneventful.

As for the future, it is supposed to get very cold tomorrow. For some reason, a strong ridge of high pressure in the eastern Pacific is stretching up to the north pole, and pushing a very cold pocket of air known as the poler vortex far to the south. Because of this high pressure, the poler vortex is positioned in southern Canada and the northern United States. Temperatures in part of the country got to as low as -37! Not to mention people in Newyork were told to stay off the roads because there was so much snow.
Anyway, because of this poler vortex I think, it is supposed to get pretty cold here in Texas. down South of us, there will be some sleet and snow, but we are just supposed to get some flurries. None the less, it will still be cold!

On another note, I almost had to leave my classroom during a couple checkpoint tests. For some reason, my teachers have this crazy idea that I need extra help on my tests, and while they mean well, I strongly disaggree. For example, my English teacher told me I was supposed to go to a different classroom to take my test, although it was brailled (braille is what blind people read), and I would need no assistance taking the test. So instead, I sat quietly in my desk, hoping she wouldn’t notice, and had the test finished by the end of class, after reading and answering some surprisingly easy questions.
The same thing happened in science, but I actually left that time. The people there ended up saying I could do what I normally did (typing answers on my computer, which didn’t require assistance), and I decided to go back to class since I could do that perfectly on my own.
Yes, I am a bit frustrated that some teachers think I need to leave to take tests in their classes, but next time I’ll see about changing their minds and letting them know I’m a fully capable student just as is everybody else.

On a final note, I have started work on Stranded part 3. I won’t tell you if I had to restart or if I found the flash drive, I won’t tell you what will happen in the story, and nor will I tell you a release date, even though I already have one in mind. Instead, the only thing I’ll tell you is the title which is “Stranded Part 3, the End Game.” I want everything else to remain a surprise, though.

Well, I guess I’ll end this post, because I aught to be getting in bed right about now. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and that it will help you fall asleep if you are about to go to bed like me, or if you’re just getting up I hope it made your day.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

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  1. Know that your teachers are
    Just trying to ensure you have an “optimal learning experience.” Everyone thinks you are extremely intelligent, and only one teacher finds you a tad annoying- won’t say who, haha!