Monday’s Musings 7: why I sometimes wonder if the world should end

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I probably should’ve written a disclamer for the Monday’s Musings posts… but I didn’t. So I’m warning you, that from this point on, it is in your best interest to take a chill pill before reading some of the Monday’s musings posts, because they explain my true feelings about stuff, and sometimes that might be negative or a bit harsh. So just know, that these are only my thoughts, and that I intend to bring no harm… but to get them out.

You might be wondering where that came from, but it has to do with this post in particular. Because there is one thought that passes through my mind quite frequently–should this world end?
We often hear on the news about people committing crimes, or awful tragedies that none of us could imagine happening to us. Furthermore, we live in a world full of turmoil and fighting; hunger, anger, pain…
and I often wonder, would it be best if the world came to an end, and we started fresh?
I believe that everyone in this world has a good side. I believe that if everyone could focus on the good things in life, there would be no war; no hard times… because we’d all be there for each other. I believe that if something happened–even if it were the end of civilization, that it would be an eye opener to us all, and teach us that all the politics, disagreements, and even our differences were all just little things. It would teach humanity that all the lives lost and the hard times were all for nothing. Doesn’t it make you think “What are we doing? Why are we making things so complicated for ourselves?”

I do not wish anyone any harm, only that something substantial enough to teach us to focus on loving, protecting, or even at least finding some way to agree with each other could happen, even if it had to be apocalyptic.

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One thought on “Monday’s Musings 7: why I sometimes wonder if the world should end”

  1. 9/11 is the last time that happened….unfortunately, there are people who insist on having their way no matter how it affects others ….they don’t believe in compromise.

    At one time or another, we have all felt as you do…..if you think about everything that is happening and going on, it can really put you in the deep blue funk…..but….THIS TOO SHALL PASS.