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how my day went

Today, I got up and went to school like normal. Then, I came home and got on the computer. Then, I worked on my song, ate dinner, and worked on my song until shower time. Then, I got out, worked on a song, then talked to my mom, then got on the blog. That is all I did today.

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weather poem

I am board, so I will give you a poem that I wrote.

As the sun goes behind the clouds,
the thunder booms loud.
the wind starts blowing,
and the sky starts glowing.
The hail starts to fall,
at least the size of a baseball.
A tornado comes down,
and soon hits the ground.
As the thing comes toward me,
I see the cloud of debris.
Finally it came to an end,
and the scilence came again.
As I opened muy eyes,
I heard several painstaking cries.
Today I still remember, that offel day in September.
And all the storm took away,
on that uneventful day.

Please comment, and tell me what you think of this poem.

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how my day went

Today, I woke up early. I was thursty, and had woken up listening to my audio book. After I got a drink, I played on the computer, listened to my book, then fell asleep until about 8:15. Then, I ate and listened to my audio book. Then, I played on the computer, and listened to my book again until lunch. After lunch, I went back up, listened to my book, played on my eye pad, then went outside. Then, I came in and got on the computer. After that, I listened to my book, until 4 when I got a snack. Then, I went back up and listened to the book until dinner. After dinner, I just sang while doing my chores. Then, I listened to my book, showered, then got on the blog. That is all I did today.

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Flowers day 7: update

Today, the flowers are making some progress. One of the 2 in the round container (glass) has started to grow leaves. The others aren’t doing much, but I think I drowned the 2 in the tall square bucket :(. The ones in the long rectangle bucket, are still working on it. I will come back with another update when needed.

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free blogging platforms

Have you ever wanted a blog, journal, or diary? Well, below are at least 10 places you can choose from. Some, you can do diaries, and some you can’t. But, some of them have other features. Please comment if you like it or not, and so I can have your feedback.

type pad:
self-hosted wordpress:
live journal:
weebly (can also be a site):
sos blogs:
inube: guestbook, blog, photo album, or site: