a new game idea that I created: random numbers

Hey guys, this is Steven, and I have been thinking about a new game idea, and tada, I came up with one. This game is called random numbers, and it is farely simple to play.
here are the instructions to make this game.
First, you will grab 22 small pieces of paper or index cards, and write 1-10 on each.
card1 you would write: 1
card2: 2
card 3:3
On 10 of the other 12, you will write 1-10 again just like shown above.
On the 11th card, you will write:
15-wild card!
on the 12th card, you will write:
haha, you got nothing!
playing the game:

In order to play this game, you must put all the paper in a bag and shake it up.
Next, you must close your eyes and draw out 11 of the 22 cards. Your opponent will have to keep his or her eyes closed also.
Next, this step must be repeted but with the opponent drawing the other eleven cards.
Now, you both must add up all of your numbers. If you got the “Haha, you got nothing!” card, then you better hope you got a lot of 9’s and 10’s. If you got the “15-wild card!” you have a 15 point advantage over your opponent unless he or she gets a greater value in 9’s, 10’s, 8’s, etc. Note, that just because you have the wild card, doesn’t mean you win.——————–
Thanks for reading this post, and you can get more at http://www.sssjournal.wordpress.com.
I hope you enjoy playing this game