sumarised update and game released

Hey you guys,
Steve again.

Woe… finally back blogging, huh?

So, as you know, summer break has started for me. In fact, it started 12 days ago, meaning I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks and 1 day. Haven’t you all missed my awesome posts? Oh yeah, and another thing to say. Remember I said stranded was to be released on June 8? Well I bet I ment to put a 1 before that 8, because it’s being released on June 18 instead of june 8. So, I will give you that game, before talking about my life.


So, as you should know, I am going to put the link before the story summary of the game. So, here it is: download the awesome game now. Now, for the story.

After waking up on a misterious platform in the middle of noware in this weird place, you must find your way through this game. As the title says, your objective is to fight and defeat the boss, who might seem a harmless mouse but isn’t one after all. In this game, you will encounter 2 elusive creatures–a cat that looks very violent and weird, but could actually be of some help, and the boss of course. After you defeat the boss, you will find out something you’ve wanted to know for a while now. You will find that out at the very end, but why should I spoil it for you? That’s right, I shouldn’t.

I hope you enjoy! Just make sure you hurry over to the gamebooks page and play stranded part 1 if you haven’t done so already.

life summary

Now, on to the life events.
My life has gone pretty well since June 3rd, because of tiger reward camp which turned out awesome, and then summer break. The strange thing was the fact that it didn’t set in for me that it was summer until the first monday we were off, because the way the school year ended for me. It ended with my dad picking me up early from school, nothing wrong with that just seeming something that might also happen in the middle of the school year. So, that’s why it took so long.
Otherwise, my last 2 weeks of summer have gone by pretty fast, because they were fun and stuff. One thing I forgot to mencion, is actually where I am now. I am at tsb once again (see the monthly archive for February because that was the last time I’ve been here), but this time I’m here for Catching Rays, a class all about solar weather. My teachers are pretty awesome, not to mencion everybody is my friend here. I even get to hang out with my computer geek friend, the only person I’ve been to more than 2 camps with. It is going to be a fun rest of the week–tomorrow we have a swim party, thursday a movie, and friday is going home. One thing we did in class is to make a SID solar wind antenna which has a computer that is round, light, and fits in the palm of your hand. It takes data it receives from solar blasts and CMEs and sends it to a sound card. I don’t remember much of the rest, but that you can put it in audacity (an audio editor) and here the frequency noises it makes. Also, it puts the data in a spread sheet.

On another note, if you’re wondering what I have planned for the summer, it is:
1. finish this tsb program
2. stay home for 2 weeks
3. go to lions club camp
4. stay home for 3 weeks
5. go to broken bow
6. go to maine
7. stay home until it’s gime to go back to school.

Well, I’m glad I got you caught up on the blog, and that stranded is finally out! I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

how my day went

Today, I got up and had the morning routine (also the full school day), before coming back to the dorm and doing our activity (today, we took a long walk to the central market in Austin. We shopped and ate dinner, so didn’t get back to the dorm until 7, after which we all ate our candy, and then me, the smae 2 friends, and the same counciler from the night before spent another hour at the reck, before coming back and having free time and Libby left because she had some goalball torniment. After she left, I posted. That is all I did today.

how my day went

Today, I got up and did the same things as yesterday morning (shower, get ready, then go to school), before coming back to the dorm and going to the weight room with the same 2 friends and counciler because we didn’t want to go swimming and really enjoyed the weight room. After that, we came back and had some dinner, then had freetime. Then, I posted my blog. That is all I did today.

how my day went

Today, I got up and ate breakfast, before going on a 3.6 mile walk with my dad. Then, I came home and played on the computer, ate lunch, then me and my parents went and picked Libby up from her friends (she went after my post), then went to goalball practice and then a birthday party. By the way, I spilt some coffee on my shorts, luckily they were black *few*.
After that, I came home with the rest of my family and played on the computer. Then, I changed rill quick and me, Libby, and our Nanna went to Apple Bee’s for dinner. We didn’t get home until 10, so I just played my computer games before posting the journal. That is all I did today. By the way, I am going to Austin tomorrow. I cannot wait!

how my day went

Today, I got up and went to school like normal. Then, I had to stay at home alone because my mom was picking my sister up from Auston, and my dad had a layover at work. I occupied the time my mom was gone by doing a social studies assignment. When she and my sister got home, I contenued to work on the assignment until it was completely done, played jenga for a while, then ate some beaf stue for dinner. After dinner, I just hung out with my mom for a while because Libby was asleep. Then, I ate a snack, and posted my journal entry. That is all I did today.

how my day went

Today was another school day. After getting up and taking another warm shower, I got dressed, and had to play on my computer before eating breakfast. After breakfast, it was the usual routine of meating at the girls side of the dorm, before walking to school. This time, we didn’t have to stop at the health center, and instead just continued until we got to school. Pretty much the whole day, we reviewed voice over settings on the mac computer, and read the voice over tutorial. We did take a break for snack at 10 like usual, and then ate lunch at 11:30, but spent the rest of the day until 2 that is, working on the mac. At 2, I had to do some math homework (I finished all the problems), before going back to the dorm. We rode in a golf cart, but it died about 3 quarters of the way away from the school, so we had to walk the rest of the way. When we got back, I had a snack, before getting on the computer and talking to my friend. Then, We all went swimming for about two hours, and were back by 6, and at that time I took a shower. Then, I prepared myself some chicken nuggets and milk for dinner, and then did some social studies homework for an hour. After that, I just messed around on the computer, before joining my friends while they hopped and restled in a pit of pillows. I restled with two kids at a time, until 3 minutes before it was time to go to our rooms. Then, I just sat on the couch until I came in my room, got on the computer, and posted my journal entry. That is all I did today.

how my day went

Today was my first day of school for this week. I was able to wake and hop in a warm shower, which isn’t something I normally get to do. After that, I had to hurry up and get ready, because I wanted to play with my i-pod before breakfast. I did end up getting a few minutes to do so, before it was finally time to eat.
After grabbing a bowl of apple cenoman oatmill, I joined the other people in my dorm, and we all left for school. We first had to stop by the health center so that the people that had meds could take them, but I didn’t have any, and just wanted to get to school.
Well, we finally got to school, and it turned out to be a good day. I was the only student in the class I am in, and there are two teachers. That means that I get double the one on one attention I need.
Well, the throughout the day, we spent learning about voice over on the mac computer, and taking an assessment. That assessment consisted of the teachers asking me questions for about 30 minutes, which resulted in me being bored to tears.
At the end of the day, we had homework hour, which is an hour where we can do work from our regular schools. I completed english, and tried to start on math.
When we were picked up to go back to the dorm at 3, instead we went to the park. There is this spinner thing there, and I practicly spun myself sick on it, thus I had to rest for about an hour. After we left the park, like I said, I rested, before going to the dorm and doing homework hour. It was more like homework 20 minutes, because I didn’t have enough time to make it an hour. However, I did work on social studies, and then had some pizza. Finally, I was able to get on the computer and post my journal. That is all I did today.

I cannot wait until tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what happens tomorrow. Well, if you haven’t guessed it yet, it is the day I drive to Auston with my mom. She will take me to the texas school for the blind. Now, you might be reading this post right now, thinking that I am weird, and wondering what I am talking about. But if you read the posts below, you will get what I am talking about. Just click on one of the dates below, and you can read every day from my last stay in austin.

feb4(the day I started packing)
feb5-the day I drive up and get settled in Austin
Feb 10-the day I leave

I just cannot wait to go back again!!!