how my day went

Today, I got up and went to school. When I got home, I just spent the evening watching the weather, watching tv, eating dinner, and doing more of the same until I bathed. After my bath, I did the kitchen, then got on the computer. Then, I posted this journal.


how my day went

Today, I had to go to school again. After school however, my mom had a meeting, so me and my sister spent the evening relaxing, eating, and doing homework. I posted this when my mom got home.

how my day went

Today, I got up and made some coffee, before eating breakfast. After I ate, I read some more of Abby diamond, before brushing my teeth and bathing. After those things, I got on the computer for a bit, before cleaning my room and stuff. After I cleaned, I had lunch, then played with the cat before working out with my sister. Then, I spent the afternoon doing more of the same things, until I took a nap and then ate dinner. After dinner, I brailled using a slate and stilest for a while, watched the new Austin and Alley, and had a snack. Now, i am posting this entry. That is all I did today.

how my day went

Today was a jam packed day. Well, me and my mom got up early and ran on the track. We did 2 miles in 28 minutes. Well, after coming home, I had to shower, and get ready to go bowling. Me, mom, and Libby all went, because Dad had to work. Well, it turned out to be fun. I had 92 points, and Libby had 75 points. There were 2 other kids that were playing with us. One of them wooped all of our butts, and the other one got a score between mine and Libby’s. After the bowling thing, we had goalball practice. There are timed throws that we do every Saturday, and my shortest time was 2.31 seconds. That is really good for me. Well, after goalball we all headed home and had a relaxed evening. My mom tot me how to make coffee, and made dinner. While she made dinner, me and Libby just sat in the kitchen talking to her. Well, I watched television, and then played on my computer. Then, since I’d already worked out, I sat and read 11 pages of Abby Diamond while Libby ran on the treadmill. Then, after playing on the computer some more, I am now posting. That is what I did today.

how my day went

Today, I had to go to school again. When I came home though, I spent the evening hanging out with my sister because my dad worked on his bathroom, he has been remoddling for a year. Well, the two of us worked out, ate dinner, and then I took a bath. After that, I went and did the kitchen, before spending the time before posting just lieing around. That is all I did today.

how my day we

I added a tornado recording to my weather page. This one has very about a minute of wind and thunder, before the skies open up and let loose. They will pour out heavy rain, that will have you brainwashed. The dassling booming sounds of the thunder and wind will sweep you off your fewet. Finally, get to the climax with winds that will blow you away in the tornado, and wind down with a clinzing rain. Hope you enjoy it!

Well, here is my day:

Today, I had to go to school again. It was an average day. When I got home, I spent a while in my room, playing with bell. By the way, the pour thing got herself locked in there from 7:30 this morning to almost 4:15. Well, after that I had some chicken soup, read a book called Abby Diamond, and then worked out with my sister. After working out on the stationary bike, I read for 20 minutes before posting this. That is all I did today. By the way, I sure did work out a sweat on that bike, and the book I was reading is based on a blind girl, since it was my vision teacher who rote it. The girl is my sister, Libby.

how my day went

Hello, I know you are very anccious to read all about my day, presumably since you are reading this post. Well, I have some exciding news for you. If you will just click here, you will find you are on the weather page. Just select natural events from the category selection, and listen to the all new hail storm I posted up there. Make sure you turn your booming bass speakers up as loud as they’ll go, and listen to it. This storm features wind, extremely loud thunder, torrential rains, wind that will Blow Your Mind, and huge hail (a lot of it)! This is the first recording on the list.
Well, here is my day.

Today, I got up and had to go to school. You should know that I didn’t like it much, I mean who likes school anyway? Well, nurds do. Anyway, we went outside in fifth period, on the bright side.
After I got home, I went with my mom to pick Libby up from school, and I also helped her with groceries. Just in case you don’t know, I don’t like carying in groceries.
Afterword, I had me a little snack, then fed the dogs. Then, I just relaxed and watched the news until me and Libby worked out. Once again, I did my favorite, the stationary bike. Well, I read a book and relaxed until dinner, which turned out to be oven baked pork chops, potatoes, and pees. After dinner, I designed that thunderstorm sound that I ranted about at the beginning of the post, and am now posting to the blog. That is all I did today.

how my day went

Hello you guys, I am here to tell you about my day again. Well, after a rather boring school day, I was pleased to come home. When I got there, I spent a little while just hanging with the kitties and relaxing until my mom got home from picking Libby up from school. Well, of course I ate me a little snack after that, and then had to do some weird work sheet for my reading class. I didn’t even finish until after 5. Well, finally completed the worksheet, I decided to get on the computer and mess around for a few minutes, until dinner. For dinner, I had a chicken sandwich, and jalapeno beans. No joke on the jalapeno part either. Well, after my taste buds got their work out, It was time for me and Libby to do our work out. I did the stationary bike as usual, before we came out of there and watched tv with my mom and sister. After that, I had a little slice of cake and milk, and am now posting about my day.

how my day went

Today, I got up and ate breakfast. Then, I played on the computer for a while, and then played with the cat until about 11:20. Then after the cat finally got at his wits end with me, I let him go and ate lunch. Then, I watched tv for a while, worked out, and then spent 3 hours watching tv and relaxing. After those 3 hours, I got up and fed the dogs, and then waited for dinner. I found a flash drive, and there are indeed some funny stuff on that drive. Who knows, I might post some “featured content” from the flash drive, so if you are a follower, stay in tuned. If you aren’t, please either feel out the form at the end of the post or go “all the way” to the bottom of the page and click the button. If I were you, I’d probably do the form at the end of the post, so some one else could click the follow button for me (jk). Well, we got way too side tracked. Back to my day (hope you don’t get bored).
Well, after looking at that flash drive, I had my dinner, and after dinner spent the rest of the time (before posting this entry) continuing to look at the drive. That is all I did today.

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how my d went

Read this post and find out what happened on this rather lazy day!

Today, I got up and ate breakfast. I will choose to sum up the day.

Well, I spent it relaxing, playing on the computer, and just hanging out with my sister. There wasn’t much to talk about on this rather lazy day.