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Steven D Podcast Episode 17: Struck em Down to the Ground

Ep 17

They came at me – and one by one, with one hit, I punched ’em to the ground!

They flew all around me with their shining, false glory. They shot at me, did their best to take me down… but nah. I shot ’em to the ground.

In this episode, I played two more Japanese audio games, both of which with titles ending in “Strike”, and each boasting pissed-off protagonists tasked with the satisfying job of destroying things.

The first game, quick and competition driven, was called Screaming Strike, and I had to punch things to the ground before they came up and punched me and took away a life. The second game, entitled Audio Strike, was a space invasion game similar to Villains from Beyond (episode 7), but quite different given its increasingly complex leveling system, noteworthy set of unlockables, and story line (though as of now… with an English translation that’s more mangled than the ships I shot down). Each one features unique, addicting, and immersive game play!

That was a great podcast, and I can’t wait for the next one! If you haven’t already, please follow StevenDPodcast on Twitter for updates. It’s brand new, so thought I’d put it here.

A highlights section is also coming very soon. If you have suggestions for funny moments from any episode that should go in there, Don’t hesitate to fill out the form

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