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Hey you guys,
Steve again.

I am back for another blog update. Unlike most other blog updates however, this is more about news and previews and less about life.
Since the life part is short, I’ll get that knocked out first.
This weekend was chill, there wasn’t much to talk about. I have found yet another addicting game from lighttechinteractive.com, called treasure mania. In this game, you are in a gulf, with fish, and chests of treasure. If I said that the game was as easy as sailing your boat over fish and treasure waisting pointless time collecting cheap and pointless points, I would be wrong. To catch a fish, you have to travel over to where the fish noise is coming from, and press the space bar to cast your net out and catch it. Treasure chests are not simple either. no, it has to be all complicated where you have to turn on your metal detecter, and find the loud beep, beep, beep noise and lower the hook and chain, lift it up, then you will get loads of points. It is a real cool game! Oh yeah, when you hit level 5, people from the island that leads to the gulf will get just a bit angry at you and try to shoot errows at your head. You have to press control key on the left side to duck. I’ve been playing non stop this morning.

Here is a preview of my podcast. I forgot to release it yesterday, and will do so today. I also need you to know that this is the last weekly podcast! All the rest of them will be released on the first and 21st of each month to conserve space. Here is how this cast will go.
1. I will give the weather forecast
2. I will talk a bit about life, but you can also read about it in May 24th’s post.
3. The game of the day will be superdeekout. Since it is a long game, I will play level 1. If you want a full review, it will come out this week on the audio game reviews page.
4. I will do a review of my stranded part 2 game.
This is a very full podcast, and will be 20 minutes tops.
It will come out after 2 this afternoon, but before 10 tonight.
I hope you enjoyed this post.
From now on, for convenience to want to be followers, I will put a follow blog button on all posts from now on!

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