Important Podcast Notice, and a Brief Life Update

Hey you guys,
Steve here.

As this post title said, I have a bit of important news about the Steven D Podcast.

First of all, the podcast will be renamed. Devin Gutirez has been helping me for so long that I think I will call the podcast Steven and Devin podcast from now on–he has contributed in a big way–helping me with game demos, and giving his word on 3 to 4 minute segments of the cast. He is very much my cohost of the cast, so I have decided to fully raise him up to this position. So devin if you’re reading this, congrats.
Also, the podcast has a new time and date–it will now be on the first and 3rd Saturday of the month. There is now a calender of podcast reliece dates on the podcast page for the next 3 months through January 1.


Moving on, the passed several days have gone quite well for me. On Sunday, I had to clean… (sadly). But afterward I logged into swamp and played.
Monday I spent practically the entire day on Skype with a couple friends, and also playing swamp. I wanted to become level 18 o swamp that day, but didn’t quite make it that far.
Yesterday was the first school day of the week, and after school I actually made level 18 on swamp!!!! In fact, I have earned 600 more xp since then.
note: I made a swamp campaign repository Monday night. The site is where I put all swamp campaigns; it already has 100 views! …can you say Great Website Devlaying it total!eloper (jk).
Oh and why I’m on the swamp topic, I have spent 3 days 3 hours and 30 minutes playing total… shocking, right?
Back on the life events, I also found a new flight simulater game for the blind, and am afraid I will get addicted to it. Unfortunately it costs money, so I’ll try to work my way up to getting to buy thatt.
Anyway, if you’re wondering what I’m doing in the future, I have church tonight, an open couple days with just school planned Thursday and Friday (I’m saying that assuming my parents haven’t planned something I don’t know about), and this weekend I only have goalball planned.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post, and look forward to new ones.

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

2 thoughts on “Important Podcast Notice, and a Brief Life Update”

    1. Well I through wrotten potatoes at it until it worked for a blind person…
      Well it uses synthetic speech and high quality sound affects to inform the player of his/her recent or upcoming actions. There are specific keystrokes you must use to do things such as requesting the length of an airstrip, getting permition to take off from the control tower, tracking airport and/or allied or enemy aircraft, and flying and checking your various gages. Keys such as up and down arrow change the vertical heading (the direction in digrees from 0 to 360) that your aircraft is pointing, thus enabling you to go up. The higher you set this (30 to 50 recommended), the faster your aircraft will rise. Note that setting this too high or too low will cause an anoying heavy breething and ear ringing sound, because a human cannot handle going up at that rate.
      Also note that keys such as 9 and 0 on your keyboard will control the forward speed of your aircraft. It must be 460 before you can fully take off.
      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish my potatoes, so I’ll see ya later.