a wonderful Fall festival

Hey guys,
Steve here.
It’s the 700th post! I can’t believe that!!!

Today has been a good day. It has been busy, but none the less I have to say it was quite awesome. And as I sit here, propping my feet up on a chair and leaning back comfortably, I once again get to amerce myself into one of my favorite hobbies, blogging.
The day started out with goal ball. Me, being an extreme procrastinator, decided that I was just gonna sleep 45 minutes passed the time I was supposed to get up. So, basically, I didn’t even get to shower; and nor did I get to check my email as I do every morning if I can. It was a “throw on what you can, and shove whatever you can down your throat to keep from being hungry” type of morning.
Despite the rushed start, goal ball practice ended up going very well. I spent the first 30 minutes chunking ball after ball at the walls of the gym, and running after it. For some reason, probably do to the fact that only one other person showed up, the practice in itself wasn’t hard. It was quite repetitive actually; composed of my coaches (one of them being my dad of course) Chucking the ball at me and the other player and us blocking and throwing it back. So even though the activities that went on during practice weren’t in the least bit strenuous, I still ended up tired do to the fact that it was non-stop action for two hours streight.
After practice ended, I got to come home and chill for a few hours. I have a remote control robot, which is very old but high tech and fun to mess with none the less, but unfortunately the buttons on the remote aren’t in braille and nor is there a braille user manual. So, I had to write myself a kind of reference type of thing. I used a motified drawing board that actually turns drawings into raised line drawings so that blind people can feel them just as sited folks see them. Well anyway, I spent two hours outlining my robot’s remote and then typing the button lables into the remote picture, so that I would have them in braille and know exactly what they were called and where they were located on the remote.
Well besides that, after I was finished my dad and sister came home from the advansed goal ball practice, along with a couple of my sister’s friends (it being her birthday weekend and all), and we all went to the fall festival I mentioned on Thursday’s post.
There were several fun games. When we first walked in, there was a really amusing game, that also tasted good. In this game, you and your competitor get a doughnut on a string, and your goal is to see who can eat theirs first without using their hands. Mind you, the doughnut will swing around on the string, so it made it harder to get. I swear to you, that thing was flying around, bouncing off the back of my head and whacking me up side the face. Fortunately, though my sister won the game, I still got to enjoy that delicious doughnut.
After that, there were more games. One of which I had to play as David by throwing a Velcro ball and trying to stick it to the Velcro head of Goliath (I guess to simulate killing him)… and I didn’t get it but came close.
There is really only one other game I want to tell you about, the tick tack toe game I played with some one.
Origionally, nor me or my competitor won the first game, but the second game was different. I started by putting my O in the gop left, and she put her X in the bottom left. I then put my O in the middle of the grid, getting hopeful that I’d win. She really had the chance to stop me their, but of course wasn’t thinking, and decided to put her X in the bottom middle. So, I put mine in the bottom left and won. Now how crazy is that?
After all the games were finished, we had a dinner of corn dogs and stew. We then had a hey ride, and then had to go home before it started raining on us.
Well, unfortunately I’m afraid that I have to end this post because I’be told you all about the festival and frankly I’m starting to get tired :). So,

Thanks for reading,
type you later,

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