updates and a trip to Maine

Hey you guys,
Steve again.

I went on vacation again. Though I got home Wednesday, I just didn’t want to blog until right now, because of reasons you will find out later on in the post.

I should probably tell you how vacation went… huh?
So here it is.
We flew up on Tuesday afternoon, thankfully. It used to be that we flew up early (I’m talking get up at 3 in the morning and on the flight buy 7:30 early), but this year and even last year we didn’t. The trip was your average plain ride, not much to it. We got to Ocean park Maine around midnight eastern time, so there was no unpacking, or trips to the beach (read the archive for june 2012 to familiarize yourself with where we stay and all that stuff). So anyway, we just basicly went to bed. Wednesday was a beach day, so we hung out there all day pretty much. The water was too cold for me to swim in… they were saying it was in the lower 60’s but it felt like 40’s to me.
That night we had dinner with the family, and then we had pie night. That is a night where my grandma Potter cooks up all sorts of good pies, and everyone in the cottage enjoys them. After pie night, there wasn’t much to talk about. I just played on my computer and stuff while my sister, mom, dad, and a few other members of the family played a game called catch phrase.
Thursday and Friday were just lazy days because it rained. The biggest part of those days were at dinner time. Thursday we ate out and Friday we got to enjoy not 1 Maine lobster, but 2 each. Those things are so good… I’m sure you can’t get lobsters that good in texas no matter how hard you try.
Saturday was another good beach day. The water was so cold that day however, that putting your foot in there would feel as though you’d just put it in snow without any socks and shoes on.
Sunday was yet another beach day, but we spent half of it hanging out with 2 of our family members who were going to leave later that morning. They have 2 of the happiest most energetic kids I ever met, along with a little 7 month old who is relatively quiet and calm. For the rest of the day, we just kind of hung out, played cards, and tried to go to the beach at one point, but it was too cold.
Monday, we did go to the beach. This time, it was easy to believe that the water was in the 70’s because I was able to get in up to my stomach, and ride the currents of the creek that feeds in to the ocean. I made the most out of that day, because I knew we’d have to leave the next day.
That night for dinner we once again got to enjoy some lobster.
The next day, Tuesday, was the day we had to pack up and go home. Every thing was normal through the middle of the day, saying goodbye to family and packing, and even most of the travel was normal. However, our flight got delayed 30 minutes because of some rough weather, and we had a 45 minute layover before our next flight. Well since our first flight didn’t leave on time, we missed the second flight, and didn’t end up catching a flight back home until the next morning. Thankfully however, we got home by 10:45 yesterday morning.

Now on to some more life news.

Just because vacation is over with, doesn’t mean I am done with the post. Me and my dad were able to do another bike ride. There is one downfall to these rides; because of Dad’s work schedule and school starting up soon, this was one of the last ones. We only have 2 or 3 more opportunities to ride, before the starting of school. So, I will have to work real hard on our next rides.
Now, if you remember at the beginning of the post, I told you that I was doing other things and that’s why I didn’t blog when I got home. Well, there’s this addicting game I found while I was in main. It’s called alter aeon. Here’s the link to there website so you can learn more:
Now if you are wondering, the time counter on that game says I’ve already been playing for 16 hours total, and I got the game last Thursday. Not to mencion the 2 days of travel and time with family causing me to set aside the computer and focus on other things. Also, another game, bokurano daiboukin, the game reviewed in episode 6 of my podcast (visit the my podcast page for the episode), has become rather addicting. I have spent 23 hours on that one. You could say I spend quite a bit of time on the computer. Also on the computer, I’ve been skyping friends, and playing a few games over the internet like pong, top speed (a racing game), and pallis punch up (see see this page for a little demo).

Other than that, I really can’t think of more to put on this post, so I’ll wrap it up as usual…
thanks for reading,
type you later,
regarding the thing I said earlier about the water in the ocean feeling real cold, here’s an intresting fact:
did you know that you can get hypothermia 250 times faster in the water than from cold air)?

how my day went

Today, I woke up, ate, had coffee, then showered. Then, I finished packing, and it was time for us to leave maine. We went to the airport, and got ready to fly. My sister and dad were separated from me, my mom, and Broadrik. I was really jealous, because they got flippin’ first class! how does that work! Not only that, but they were upgraded for free, got a cab voucher, and a $36 food voucher as well. Anyway, the three of use blew threw our 2 regular seeted flights, and waited for Libby and Dad to come. When they did, we headed home. When we got here, I just messed with the computer, showered, then got on the blog. That is all I did today.

how to make a great airplain that can fly 21 feat in just about 2.5 seconds!

You know how I have been telling you about the great paper airplains I have been making? I will teach you how to make the airplain I call the wind jet.
I don’t mean this can fly in the wind, but when it is flying, it stays in the air for a fairly long amount of time because of how much air it catches.
Here is how you create it

Things you will need:

1. a piece of notebook paper
2. if you don’t want notebook paper, get a whole punch and punch 3 wholes down the side of the coppy paper or construction paper

Step 1. You grab 1 piece of paper and lay it down on the table or floor or bed that you are working on. You must lay it down where the wholes are going vertically. That means all 3 of them are on the left or right side and going from top to bottom. If you don’t do this, your airplain will not work.
Step 2. Grab the 2 bottom corners and fold them strait twoard the center. Keep doing this until they’re even with eachother.
Step 3. When the corners are even with each other and pointing at the center of the paper (MAKE SURE YOU STRETCH THEM AS FAR AS THEY WILL GO WITH OUT OVER LAPPING EACH OTHER) then crease the 2 corners down.
Step 4. Grab your left corner and pull it to the even line that you created when you folded the corners to the center for the first time.
Step 5. Line it up on that line and then crease it down.
Step 6. Do the same with the right corner. (MAKE SURE THEY MAKE AN EVEN LINE ON TOP OF THE FIRST EVEN LINE)
Step 7. When the paper’s corners are even, fold the paper in half.
Step 8. Crease the fold down very tightly.
Step 9. You should now be holding the airplain to where the pointed nose is pointed to the right of you and the crease is pointed away from you.
Step 10. Grab one of the folded ends of the side of the airplain that is not the crease and fold it all the way back to the crease. Crease it down after that.
Step 11. Keep that side creased down then flip the airplain over to where the crease is pointing toward and the fold you just created is facing the ground.
Step 12. Fold the fold that is pointing away from you back toward the crease.
Step 13. Crease it down. Note: why you are doing all of the folding steps described above, the nose point always has to be pointing to the right of you.
Step 14. Grab the crease and lift the airplain up in your hands. Point the side you aren’t holding up at the ceeling. Note: that is the side right above the crease. That is the first fold in half you made in Step 7.
Step 15. Grab the 2 folded sides you did in steps 10-13 and un fold them. They should now look like wings.
Step 16. Enjoy flying!

very good paper airplains!

I have conducted a science experiment to see how far 2 paper airplaines could fly.
The information for plane 1 is as followes:

trile 1-
time– 1.9 seconds
distance– 12 ft. 9 in.
trile 2-
time– 2 seconds
distance– 3 ft. half an inch
average spead: (how many feat this travled in 1 second)

Airplain 2 details are as follows:
trile 1-
time– 2.2 seconds
distance– 15 feat 9 inches
trile 2-
time– 2.6 seconds
distance– 17 ft. 9 in
average spead (feat in seconds)

total average of both plains combined (spead in seconds