Very heavy rain event coming up in north texas

Hello guys,

I am here to tell you about something intresting that is developing. I have heard from the sorces I listen to:

  • fox4
  • krld A.M
  • NOAA weather radio

Those tell me that North, and all the rest of texas will be hit by a large rain event from early Tuesday morning through late Wednesday night or very early Thursday morning. This will likely bring between 1 and 4 inches of rain to our area, as bands of heavy rains move across. This prolonged rain event could cause some flooding. On the bright side, it will bring us relief from the droubt conditions we’ve been having

watch out for bad weather this week

dangerous weather is possible this week in north texas. This here is just another post about bad weather, so read it to see the summary of the weather that is possible, and to stay warned. <a href=""> Read More...

Starting tonight, severe weather will spread across the northern portion of Texas. Expect large hail, damaging winds, and dangerous lightning to accompany these storms. These will last threw the evening, before giving way to sunshine tomorrow. But, storms return tomorrow night, and stick around threw Tuesday. Then, expect a break for the day on Wednesday, with storms rolling back into the forecast for late thursday night and into friday.

severe weather update

Hello, I promiced that I would post you guys an update to the severe weather that is expected this weekend. On saturday night, there is a chance of severe weather to the western areas, and this could affect our weather in the metroplex and points east on sunday. If this does happen, only heavy rain and flash-flooding are expected on Sunday.

Stormy week in North texas

As a cold front moves into north texas, storms will occur. See how long they will stick around, and the chances in this post

Tonight threw next Saturday, a chance of thunderstorms will occur. Severe weather is possible, and so is heavy rain. The reason for this extended period of rain is do to a low pressure system moving in late this week, and a ccold front lengering over north Texas this weekend and early into the week. I would erge you to bring an umbrella to any out-door plans, just in case of a storm. On monday though, the storms will not occur until the afternoon the wway the forecast looks now. Otherwise, we should have a stormy easter, and all other days of your workweek, and weekend.