I had a goalball tournament today

It is April 30.

I play this sport called goalball. Today I had a tourniment for it! I am blind so I had to do an oNMAthon (orientation and mobility a-thon). So, I woke up at 6:45 AM and got ready. Then, we took the 3-hour drive to Round Rock Texas. That is where both things took place. We got to the school in Roundrock that this was taking place in. We usually do the O N M a-thon inside the school, but we did most of it outside because the fire alarm was going off. The O N M a-thon is where blind people come and do several events like rock climbing, beeping baseball, softball throw, socker ball kicks, and track events. We did the O N M a-thon until 12:00 PM when we went in and ate lunch. After lunch, we played the goalball tournament. My team crushed both teams we played against! I now have a first-place meddle that shows a man holding a torch with a reeth around it wich means victory. After that, we drove the 3 hour drive back home and then I got on my blog.

how my day went

Today was Friday april 29. I went to school like normal glad to be done with taks in witch I took yesterday. The morning was normal, but in the afternoon, I was in recess when I was throwing a hula-hoop back and forth with my teacher, I pulled a mussle in my arm. It was all I could do not to throw up it hurt so bad. After recess, me and my class had free time in the class room. Free time is when we have no work and my teacher let’s us do what ever we like. Then, we went to music at 2:00 PM and after that the day ended. For the rest of the day, I just played at home. Then, I ate dinner wich was fish. Now, I am just blogging.


When I post the how my day went posts in the journal, it may say I posted it the next day. For example: How my mbc5 day went. The blog says I posted it on april 28, but I really posted it at night on april 27. So, when you look at the monday april 25 post, it will say it was posted on april 26, but it was really posted on april 25 night. This is caused by the time zone that was set. I hope I can fix that and that today, april 29 can be posted on april 29 and not april 30.

how my day went

today was the taks test. Taks stands for texas assessment of knoledge and skills. Well it was the science! This was my first time taking the science!. I was nervous when I woke up this morning, but by the time I started testing at 9:20, I was pretty confident. Now, that test is over and I hope I get a good score. That is pretty much all I did today

how my mbc5 day went

ou know how AI said I was going to the mbc 5 studios this April 27, Well that is where I went. When I got there it was about 9:00. Me, my mom, and my vision teacher M.S. Clay all went and sat in the wating room. I could hardly believe being in the mbc 5 studios. At 9:20, we walked down a hall into a room where the weather studio was located. I got to meat samantha davis and kim fisher! I even heard Samantha do the weather. I also heard the traffic reporter do the traffic. Then after the reporter and weather girls were done, I got a microphone put on me. I spoke about the tornados and thunderstorms we got Monday and Tuesday. Then after that we waited for the next thing I did. I walked up and got enterviewed. Not long after I did the 5 day forecast. Finely, it was time to go. I thaught it was very fun. When we left, we went and ate lunch. Then we picked up Libby and went to the hospital to visit my dad. That is pretty much all I did today

Today was Monday April 25. I guess that was back to normal from easter. But, today my dad had back surgery. I am glad he made it out ok and that I can see him tomoro. My mom is taking me and my sister to visit him after school. But, today I went to school like normal. But, we had a tornado outbreak. Luckily none of the tornados hit us today, but I feel bad for the people they did hit. Well, that is pretty much all I did

today was easter. For easter I got a bumble ball, a gun that I don’t know how to use yet, some fart puddy, and some easter grass. I played with my bumble ball pretty much all day until about 4:30 PM when my Nanna and cousin came over. For easter, my Nanna baught me and my sister some Moka Frappes. I drank some of it and got a brain freeze. Me, my cousin, my sister, and my nanna sat down staires with the puppys. Then me, my sister, and my cousin went upstairs and played with the computer and then went outside for about an hour. Then we went inside. Shortly there after, my cousin and my Nanna left. Then, me and my sister played with the computer and then ate inchalatas for dinner. That is what I did today

Today went OK. I woke up at around 8:00 AM because me, my dad, and my sister were going to my sister’s beeping baseball practice. When we got there it was about 9:30 AM. I sat on the bleachers for about 30 to 40 minutes. Then, my dad said that I could go to the playground. I went there while him and Libby’s team practiced beeping baseball. I played there for about 50 minutes swinging, sliding some slides, throwing wood chips down the slides, and even sliding a slide that was to small. On that slide that was to small, I thudded down it panefully. I thaught it was really funny. I went back to the playing field and sat on the bleachers. Afew minutes later at around 11:10 AM, we left the field and went out to eat. We were there for about an hour. After we got home, I just sat around and did nothing. For dinner I ate Pizza rolls. Those are so good. Well, that is what I did today.

Today went good. In the morning, I went to beeping-baseball with my sister. Why she practiced, I went to the playground by my self. It was so fun! I rode a cupple of slides and swung a little bit to. The funny thing is that I went down a slide that was to small for me and bounced down it with several

inneresting day

Today, I have to tell you some ineresting stuff! The first thing is that I learned that IĀ get to tour the weather station next Wednesday, and I am so excited!! The next thing is that there is a kid in my class that I never got along with. But, I finely earned her respect and we are now friends! Both of these things happened after my earlier post. And I was right about the weather being hot, because temps were around 90 degrees! Today I did rotate though, and I am back to normal. The next thing I have to say is that today was a close call. I had 2 assignments that I needed to turn in to M.S. Candler. You know the reading and social studies teacher, Well she said that those assignments were gonna be zeros if I didn’t turn them in, but I did so now I have no zeros. Well, that is how my day went to day.