how my day went

Tdoday, I got up and ate breakfast. The, I played on the computer, ate lunch, then played on the computer. After that, i did the elliptical, got on the computer, started writing a book, then ate a snack. After that, I fed the dogs, and played on the computer. After dinner, I just played on the computer, laid on the couch, and messed around upstairs. That is all I did today.

how to create a computer to computer (adhock) network.

Hello guys, have you ever wanted to connect two computers together by using a wireless network? This may not be internet, but you can still connect 2 windows 7 computers together, maybe more.

Things you must have
windows 7
administrative access

Now for the steps

1. Go to your control pannel, and click on the “network and sharing center.”
2. Click “set up a new connection
3. click “computer to computer (adhock network.)
4. On the wizard that pops up, type your network name. Note, you might need to add a password to it, or you can do an unsecured network.
5. After you enter the name and security options, check the “save this network” checkbox.
6. Now, just click the next button, and your network is ready.

note: You must be connected to the network to turn it on. If you disconnect to it, you won’t be able to let any one else use it.

how my day went, warning, this won’t be long and descriptiv, because there wasn’t much to talk about

Today, I just pretty much ate, and played on the computer. There were times when I’de relax and listen to an audio book, and hang out with my sister. Also, I spent some time playing with the cat, and talking on the phone.

how my day went

Today, I woke up, ate, had coffee, then showered. Then, I finished packing, and it was time for us to leave maine. We went to the airport, and got ready to fly. My sister and dad were separated from me, my mom, and Broadrik. I was really jealous, because they got flippin’ first class! how does that work! Not only that, but they were upgraded for free, got a cab voucher, and a $36 food voucher as well. Anyway, the three of use blew threw our 2 regular seeted flights, and waited for Libby and Dad to come. When they did, we headed home. When we got here, I just messed with the computer, showered, then got on the blog. That is all I did today.

at the airport

Hey guys,

I am now at the airport getting ready to fly home. I am currently at the Portland International Jetport. My plain doesn’t board for 15 to 20 minutes, and so I just got on the computer. I am just sitting hear, blogging on my laptop, connected to the airport’s guest network.

I am not looking forward to going back home. The temperatures are supposed to be around 106 today, and where I am right now, it is in the 60’s. Even though I am just coming home from vacation, I have a camp coming up on Sunday, so it looks like i’m just going to get home, and not have any time to unpack.

The worst part about traveling back to Texas from Maine, is the temperature and air quality change. In Maine, the air is cool and easy to breathe. When I step off the plain back in Texas, I literately have to catch my breath.

It has been a fun vacation for all of us,, and it seems like it flew by. I wish it wasn’t over, but all of us are kind of ready to go home to Texas.
The first thing I want to do when I get home, is see Trashua (my kitty).

Well, I wish you all a good day, and for all of you going on vacation, I am jealous of you.

On the bright side, this was the first vbacation that I didn’t get a sun burn. I usually get those when I spend too much time on the beach.

Well, even though I love talking to you guys, I’ve probly got to go. I better hurry and stop typing, before I get adicted all over again. So, by, and I will post again later.

Maine: day 6 of 6

It is the last day of vacation, and I don’t want to go home and return to the 102 digree heat expected in Texas tomorrow. Well, here is how today went.

Today, I got up and ate breakfast. Then, I showered, got ready, and walked up to the pear and baught some candy. When we got back to the cottage, it was raining, so we ate lunch, then I spent a few hours downstairs working on my new jaw breaker. Then, I ate dinner, finished my jaw breaker while playing on the computer, then played some jenga. After that, I ate pie, then got on the computer. That is all I did today.